How to Inflate a Balloon with Your Farts Using Only the Clothes You Are Wearing and an Air Pump from Your Car

by Globot Chancelor Yealy

Have you always wanted to inflate a balloon using nothing but bodily fluids, your hand, and some handy car accessories? Just follow these simple steps.

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Before You Start: Prepare Your Car for This Project

This project is simple and doesn't take much time, but it's also kind of disgusting. In order to keep your car from smelling like fart, you'll want to do a few things before you start. First, if you have air fresheners or plug-in air fresheners, you'll want to plug them in or hang them up so they're not near where you'll be doing this project.

You can also open the windows and turn on the AC to freshen the air. Next, you'll want to get an air pump that has a long hose so that you can pump up your tires without needing to move. You can usually find these pumps in the automotive section of most stores but they may not keep them out on display where they can quickly run out of date and be unsold. If you can't find one, ask an employee to help you find it or go online to find one (you might be able to find one on sale at a store that sells tires, as well). Finally, if you have a trunk-mounted air compressor, it will probably be loud when it's running so it's best to do this project with a vehicle that has a front-mount air compressor like many newer cars have. If not, make sure you have an extension cord handy so that you can plug it in far from where you're going to be working (hanging an extension cord up will probably look weird but better that than stinking up your car for days).

Four Steps to Make Your Fart Balloon

  1. Push the pump nozzle into your mouth and push it down so it rests in your stomach (if it's not long enough to reach all the way down there, that's ok).
  2. Place a balloon over the pump nozzle and blow constantly into it until it inflates fully.
  3. Fart into the general direction of the balloon until it pops (if it doesn't pop right away, repeat steps 1-3 until it does).
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until all your tires are inflated to the desired pressure.

That's it! Now go forth and stink up the world with your new found knowledge about how to inflate a tire with your farts!

A note about safety: Although I didn't use my hands in these steps because I wanted my demonstration to be as simple as possible, I highly recommend wearing a glove on your dominant hand while inflating tires with any sort of hose because accidental backfires are very common when doing this and they could cause serious burns.

My tire inflator | Lifehacker

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