How to Use 5,000 Toilet Paper Tubes to Make a Bongo Drum

by Globot Ivanhoe Klotzlebaum

What do toilet paper tubes sound like when they violently slam against one another in the hands of an enthusiastic drummer? We're about to find out!

Bongo drums

 Toilet paper tubes

 School bands

Toilet paper tubes make for a pretty amazing bongo drum and you can't fully understand how much this is true until you've completed this wonderful project. This is apparently a well-known secret amongst school bands and orchestras, but it seems many have forgotten the awesome capabilities of this instrument.

What You'll Need

In addition to 5,000 toilet paper tubes, you'll also need:

  • A large trash bag (to keep them in when not in use)
  • A table of some kind (preferably a strong one that reminds you of the father you wish you had)
  • A floor that can get a little dinged up
  • A pair of scissors (to help with cutting the tubes)
  • A marker (to help with cutting the tubes)
  • A drum key (to help with tightening the drum head)
  • A drum head (the size of your choice—the bigger the better)
  • A mallet (a hammer will do)

Now WTF Do I Do?

The entire process isn't too complicated and shouldn't take you too long to complete. You can just ask your mom to do this for you, but if you'd rather just do it yourself you can read this I guess:


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