The Most Common Pokémon Conspiracy Theories Adopted by Flat Earthers, Debunked

by Globot Gamta Pomeroy

What do Pokémon have to do with the flat earth "theory"? Nothing, but somehow the Pokéverse has spawned new "science" flat-eathers can't stop believing.

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The most common Pokémon conspiracy theories are ones that have to do with the very nature of their existence. Some people believe they're a government-created tool for mind control, while others think they're an evolutionary path that leads to demonic possession. There's no real evidence supporting either of those claims, but that hasn't stopped people from believing them anyway.

Master of the Elements

Conspiracy theorists also have some more specific beliefs about Pokémon as well. For example, one theory is that the three starters you choose in the games (Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle) represent which element you'll have mastery over in life—fire, plant life, or water. While there's no evidence for this claim either, it does seem like a pretty reasonable guess based on your choice of starter. Another belief is that there's a secret fourth starter—a bird-like creature called Torchic—but it was removed from the game because "it was too powerful." This one is actually true: Game Freak removed Torchic because it was causing gameplay issues and making players feel constrained by its limitations (it can only learn fighting moves). But even if Torchic had remained in the game, it would still be far from being too powerful since it can only learn fighting moves and has terrible stats overall.

The Flat Earther Connection

So what do these Pokémon conspiracy theories have to do with flat earth believers? Not much except that both groups believe things without any actual evidence to support their beliefs and then try to rationalize those beliefs using flawed logic. For example, when asked why there's no evidence for their theory about Pokémon having an evolutionary path leading to demonic possession (or whatever), flat earthers will often say something like "well obviously there wouldn't be any evidence left because everyone who was possessed by demons would die." Sure they would! What about all those people who died before digital cameras were invented? Where's all the photographic evidence?!? Sorry I'm getting carried away here but my point is: sometimes believing things without any actual proof isn't so different from believing things in spite of all available evidence against them. Neither is necessarily always bad or wrong—in fact, both are sometimes necessary—but neither should be taken as anything more than speculation at best until further research proves otherwise.

That said, here are some of the most common Pokémon conspiracy theories adopted by flat earthers and debunked with actual facts instead of speculation or emotions.

Pokémind Control

The government created Pokemon as a tool for mind control. This one is pretty easily disproved by simply looking at how many children play Pokemon each year and realizing just how many of them could be mind controlled into doing whatever their government wants them to do if this were even possible at all.

The Mewtwo Metaphor

Mewtwo represents an aborted fetus whose remains were used to create its DNA due to Japan's abortion laws being less strict than America's. While this may seem like a plausible explanation for Mewtwo because he does look kind of like an aborted fetus with arms and legs attached where his tail should be if you squint really hard at him through your camera lens set on "pasted-on-the-backwards" mode, I think we can all agree that this theory doesn't hold up under any sort of scrutiny whatsoever.

Ash: Immortal

Ash Ketchum cannot die because he has been proven immortal several times throughout previous seasons. While it may seem unlikely at first glance because Ash has survived several near-death experiences already in his quest to become a Pokemon master (and continues to do so despite having reached his goal ages ago), keep in mind that many characters throughout many stories survive near-death experiences multiple times without ever actually dying. For example: Harry Potter lived through multiple Voldemort battles despite being targeted specifically by Voldemort himself multiple times after each battle. Katniss Everdeen lived through multiple Hunger Games despite being targeted specifically by President Snow multiple times after each battle. Frodo Baggins lived through multiple Sauron battles despite being targeted specifically by Saruman multiple times after each battle. It's simply the fate of beloved protagonists: they can never truly die.


There are hundreds if not thousands of Pokemon clones just waiting for us to discover them. This one seems pretty unlikely considering most clones come from cloning devices rather than spontaneously appearing out of nowhere due to some unknown force unleashed upon our world (as far as anyone knows). Let's hope we never find out what these cloning devices look like though just in case they turn out to be something worse than Mewtwo himself wearing Pikachu ears.


Most evolved forms are just evolved forms of earlier forms who died during evolution so you'll never see them unless they're resurrected through magic or science. While this one isn't necessarily impossible or untrue given how little we know about evolution since nobody has ever witnessed it firsthand yet alone reverse engineered it in a lab somewhere on Earth yet alone reproduced such results themselves outside Earth (presumably due to lack of funding from governments around the world), let's hope we never find out what exactly happens during evolution lest we accidentally cause our own dead loved ones' corpses back into life again via magic or science ourselves! Now go catch 'em all! Or don't! It doesn't matter! Nobody cares about your choices anymore!

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